Value Proposition-Why Join our Team? 

  • Have you hit a plateau with your real estate business? 
  • Are you ready to earn a minimum of $100K this year? 
  • Have you dabbled in online lead generation, but it just isn’t your thing? 

Why you should consider joining our professional team. 

Because we believe in having serious fun when working with our clients to reach their real estate goals. And in order to obtain those results one must have systems in place for efficiency. 

We have 28+ years of combined experience in sales, marketing, lead generation systems, administration, consulting, transaction coordination and more. We utilize systems that get results! We can help you achieve your goals by leveraging our efficient and proven CRM system, free leads, coaching and more!

Here is what you get when you join the team;

 Full time lead generation master (Brian) (online ads & social media marketing and lead capture for our team members)

Roll out rotation & targeted leads generated by the master himself (Free leads)  

 24/7 Agent support-Four Sail Online University Includes short how-to videos for contract prep from consultation, under contract and through closing, FAQ, Commission Rules and more.  

 Manages lead generation campaigns to increase YOUR database

 Access to Office Contract Templates (save time) by using our pre-filled contract templates in IRES with most common fields and boxes already filled in (for all commonly used contracts, disclosures, amendments etc.) Compute deadlines with 2 entries and watch the rest get automatically populated (no more analyzing dates). Easy to use office clauses can be added with a click, for unique situations.

 Free transaction coordination email templates & process for Buyer and Seller sides to save you time during a transaction 

 Team Leader-coaching, role playing, accountability, etc.

 Targeted online ads specific to team members area of preference (city, neighborhood)

Effective and easy to use CRM to manage all of your clients (low cost)

Proven Email and Text drip campaigns, designed and set up for you in your CRM marketing profile (save time)

No Realtor fees (office does not hold membership) save $

Easy to understand training videos available 24/7 (CRM, listing & buyer presentations, scripts, lead scrubbing, contract prep and more)

Coaching calls and Proven scripts (Reach your goals faster, become efficient with lead conversion so you set up more appointments and close more deals!)

Minimum requirements for team members

 Licensed and Actively selling real estate for *2+ years. *Or minimum of 12 successfully closed transactions (buyer or seller sides)

Perfect Storm Now CRM account (low cost) *email/text drip campaigns are created for you (save time)

IRES MLS Subscriber account

Current E&O insurance per CO law 

Docusign Electronic Signature account (low cost)

 Must possess a growth/abundance mind-set and a positive additude

Must have the mind-set and desire to learn and earn a minimum of $100K per year

Be self-motivated, tech savvy and willing to take a DISC personality test (and share your results with us) DISC test is free and we will send you the link...

Desire to meet or exceed productivity goals each year and be open minded and willing to discuss any skill set areas needing improvement by agreeing to work together with our team leader to get back on track.  

2-step interview required 

Independent Contractor agreement, office policy/procedures, and minimum standards fully executed for disclosure of our working agreement.

Commission Split, Savings and Added Value

Agent generated lead the split is 75/25 You/Us. (5% more than big name brokerages). Team generated lead Split is 60/40 You/Us- (keep 10%+ more in your pocket) versus a traditional team split which is usually 50/50 or worse, 40/60! 

Bonus Program for helping us grow


We look forward to helping you succeed in 2018! - The Four Sail Team