Why Join Four Sail Team brokered by eXp Realty? Because you get ALL the Benefits of eXp PLUS…

  • Google Apps for Work  
  • Cloud Office Access  
  • SkySlope Transaction Management Account  
  • HelloFax Number  
  • Ring Central Toll-Free Extension  
  • Regus Business World Membership  
  • 1000 Business Cards/20 Folders/1 Lapel Pin  
  • Kunversion IDX Website  
  • Breakthrough Broker Tools  
  • WordPress Hosting  
  • Transaction &Tech Suppor&  
  • eXp Virtual Campus (Classes, Admin+)  
  • Access to National Association of Expert Advisors. *  
  • Access to the Fast Forward Movement Private Facebook Group and weekly training with the top agents/teams in the world.* 
  • Access to the Jay Kinder and Michael Reese’s Honey Badger Private Facebook Group and weekly training with the top agents/teams in the world.  
  • Access to Expert Mentors Training and Agent attraction platform.*  
  • Revenue Share  
  • Build Your Downline (Revenue Share)  

  • Get Stock for Retirement see more  
  • Easy to understand training videos available 24/7 (CRM, listing & buyer presentations, scripts, lead scrubbing, contract prep and more)  


  •  $298 Sign Up FEE

($149 eXp sign up includes 1st mo. University tuition and tech. - $149 One time Team On-Boarding Fee (this covers time and costs involved in setting up your University membership access, team contract templates, independent contractor agreement etc. *Some teams charge upwards of $1K, so this is really low. )  

  • $50 Monthly Technology Fee  
  • $35 Monthly Tuition eXp University (Deducted Out of First Closing)  
  • 80% / 20% Commission Split  
  • $16,000 Company Dollar Cap then 100% Commission  
  • $25 Broker Review  
  • *$40 E&O Insurance with $500 Annual Cap $500* Annual Realtor Membership Dues *varies by state/local board  
  • $250 Flat Transaction Fee For Capped Agents NO FRANCHISE FEE; NO DESK FEE *Varies by state  
  • *Access to National Association of Expert Advisors to agents Only under sponsor that is sponsored in Honey Badger Downline. Honey Badger and Fastforward Group is only available if you are sponsered by a sponsered member of that groups downline. Expert Mentors is not assocaited directly with eXp Realty and has a 30 day free trial and then a monthly fee after the end of the trial


  • AgentMarketing Sites


  • Lender Partner Lead Conversion assistance.  
  • Free Team Generated Leads- targeted online ads specific to team members area of preference (city, neighborhood) plus full time lead generation (online ads, social media marketing and lead capture for all team members)  
  • 24/7 Agent support-Four Sail Online University includes short how-to videos from buyer/seller consultation, contract prep, under contract and through closing, FAQ, Commission Rules and more.  
  • Team Contract Templates (save time) by using our pre-filled contract templates with most common fields and boxes already filled in (for all commonly used contracts, disclosures, amendments etc.)  
  • Easy to understand training videos available 24/7 (CRM, listing & &uy&r&presentations, scripts, lead scrubbing, contract prep and more)  
  • Free transaction coordination email templates & process for Buyer/Seller sides to save you time during a transaction  
  • Proven scripts (Reach your goals faster, become efficient with lead conversion so you set up more appointments and close more deals!)  
  • Help during negotiations (helps you save deals) =more $ in your pocket!

  • Agent Acceleration Program 1 year program teaches you how to convert leads, how to get your own leads (become a self-sufficient Top Producing Agent). Learn and Utilize our systems & tools for generating leads, recruiting agents, building your database, building and growing your own team or downline within the eXp platform… so if after 1 year you decide you want to start your own team, grow your business/downline you could leave the team and have all the skills & knowledge to do that. We want you to succeed! 

  • Free Recruiting Tools to Help You Build Your Downline  
  • Use of Team Yard and Open house signs


  • ​Certified home selling advisor designation so you are training on how to win every listing at your price and eliminate discounting forever
  • ​Certified home buying advisor designation so you have a system of attraction that gets buyers to run red lights to meet with you.  
  • And Much More...  



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FULL CAPPING TEAM AGENTS: $16,000 Company Dollar Cap with Stock Award Programs

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